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I have humidity at home

For most citizens not knowledgeable in construction issues, the difference between condensation and humidity is non-existent. However, they are two manifestations of constructive pathologies that have very different causes and different solutions.

Dampness always has its origin in water filtration, whether due to capillarity (water that rises from the ground) or from the roof, façade or any other source. The clearest manifestation of humidity is the appearance of yellowish spots, which will make us detect that we have a water entry point.

The solution to be applied will depend on the location of the problem, but in most cases it will be solved using waterproofing products.

Condensations have their origin in the formation of thermal bridges (areas of the thermal envelope where there are heat losses).

They are usually due to:

– the geometry (corners and/or edges of columns, beams)

– construction failures (the necessary air chamber was not left between the leaves of the façade enclosure, the perimeter of the windows was solidified)

The main symptom of this failure could be what we know as "the windows cry at us", the appearance of water drops on the frames and/or glass of the exterior carpentry.

– lack of insulation, which causes a flow of heat and/or cold between the exterior and interior of the home

They will appear in the form of a multitude of small black spots, normally forming a line that will indicate if the problem is with the pillar (vertical line), horizontally if it is with the beams or the slab.

The solution to be applied in most cases will be the provision of thermal insulation, creating an intermediate chamber that prevents transmission between the exterior and interior leaf of the façade.

For any work that needs to be done at home to address any of these pathologies, we recommend professional advice, since the solutions must be studied individually for each situation.


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