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Renovate the bathroom, before and after

Homify once again liked one of our renovations, which consisted of a spectacular transformation of an old, old-fashioned and bland bathroom. From Priburgos we have managed to turn around an old bathroom, taking advantage of all the available space and achieving a complete bathroom in which the bathtub has been eliminated and a large shower and a built-in wardrobe that serves as storage has been installed.

Renovating the bathroom is one of the most important works in the house since it is a room that, like the kitchen, is used every day and this means that most of us are lazy when considering renovating the bathroom. although in the end it is very worth it.

When renovating this bathroom, the client wanted to keep the bidet, so the distribution of the toilets has been preserved because it was not inappropriate and this made it possible to avoid having to move the door. Of course, the plumbing and tap installation is completely renewed, the lighting is redesigned and a screen is installed that gives spaciousness to the room.

Storage in the bathroom is resolved with two elements, one is the custom cabinet that is made next to the shower that allows important relief since with this cabinet there is a large space to store larger products and on the other hand A piece of furniture with a sink is placed, where there is space to place the smaller utensils that are used more frequently.

Furthermore, the change of the dark blue tiles has given way to a brighter bathroom, since not having a window, there was therefore a lack of natural light. With this combination of the three colors, an elegant and harmonious bathroom is achieved and more specifically with the choice of mauve colors, in addition to making the bathroom cozy, these colors allow it to be combined with more colorful and daring accessories.

Take a look and encourage you to renovate your bathroom.

Renovate the bathroom


Bathroom before renovation
Bathroom after renovation

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