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How important it is to be well isolated

At some point we have all dreamed of having the house of our dreams...and of course it is important; but so that that dream does not become a “nightmare”, in addition to focusing on the exterior appearance, the ceramic coatings, the final finishes and the decoration, there are We have to take care of the skeleton that makes up our home and that protects us from the outside.
The most important element is the façade walls. These walls must be suitably insulated with a thermal material that provides the required thermal characteristics. Likewise, it will be of no use to have the best thermal insulation inside our façade if the execution is not correct. The most common form of our enclosure will be to have two brick sheets separated by an air chamber that prevents the transmission of heat and/or cold between both enclosures. If there is transmission between both sheets of brick, it will almost certainly create problems.
If you live in an old building, one of those that are structurally made up of load-bearing walls (solid single-leaf enclosures), it may not have insulation, since it is provided by the thickness of the wall. In these cases, it is recommended a joint action by the Community of Owners towards a SATE solution (exterior insulation system) or if individualized actions are chosen, it is usually transferred to the interior of the home and incorporate the insulation there.
On the other hand, windows are the source of significant calorie loss; It is highly recommended to use good aluminum/PVC carpentry with thermal bridge breakage and get rid of the double sliding windows that will never provide such an airtight seal.
The completely waterproof monoblock PVC blind box prevents air currents and noises that enter through the old wooden drawers.
The heating installation, which provides us with the necessary heat, has a very important role. Traditional atmospheric boilers are completely out of use, today the Law requires that they be watertight (for safety) and condensation is highly recommended (they take advantage of the latent heat of the fumes that are released and thus manage to reduce fuel consumption; approximately they reach savings of the 35%) and low Nox (sealed boilers with a combustion system design that allows the emission of nitrogen oxides to be reduced compared to a conventional boiler), reducing the environmental impact of combustion gases.
Install good double-panel convector aluminum radiators (those made of sheet steel are simpler, have little cooling surface and do not provide the same heat).
The exterior is as important as the interior; In addition to improving your quality of life and habitability, you will surely reduce energy consumption and your pocket will thank you at the end of the month.

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