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Can I white lacquer the doors of my house?

Now that the trend in decoration is white environments since they provide spaciousness and luminosity, many clients ask us if they can lacquer their wooden doors in white.

And the answer can be a little disconcerting since we often say that the quality of the final finish depends...

And what does it depend on? Well, basically the maintenance that that door may have had and the cleaning products with which it has been treated over time (waxes, greases, products with silicones, etc.).

In order to lacquer the door, you must first clean it with detergents, soda and/or solvents, then proceed to a sanding process to remove the varnish finish. From there, a first layer of primer is applied, which acts as a bond between the wood and the enamel, and it is sanded again. The process continues with two final finishing coats, respecting the necessary drying times between the first and second coat; If it is possible to apply them with a spray gun in the workshop since they will look better than with a brush or roller.

There are times that during the final drying process of the enamel, craters and damage may appear caused by certain products that may have been impregnated on the inside of the door and that may have contaminated the wood. In these cases it is time to repeat the process and perhaps add some anti-silicone additive to the paint and start again.

Therefore, we always recommend doing an initial test to verify the condition of the doors and always consult a professional who can advise you.


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