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Why is it better to hire a renovation company than to look for each trade one by one?

Once we have decided to do work at home, choosing the person/s who are going to do the renovation can be almost a more difficult decision to make, and even more so nowadays that there is a wide range of renovation companies, bricklayers and /or professionals to choose from.

In these times, the budget is usually the only decisive factor when choosing one or the other. But although, a priori we may think that the financial budget of a renovation company will be higher, in the end this may not be the case.

–        To begin with, you will save yourself the cumbersome previous procedures

The renovation company usually takes care of everything, licenses and permits, notices to the Community of Owners and other procedures that you must complete before starting the work.

–        Personalized advice from professional interior designers

Most companies will provide you with different distribution solutions depending on your needs, with virtual realities to see the finished renovation, they will advise you on different finishes and/or materials to use.

They can offer a better final result, since they are dedicated to taking care of the details.

–        Improves the organization and coordination of work and the total duration

Hiring the different professionals separately may seem cheaper at first, but you will have to spend a lot of time calling, asking for prices, deadlines, etc., for each of the trades involved (plumber, electrician, plasterer, carpenter , painter, etc.).

Hiring a larger volume of work usually serves to obtain a better price than if we contract many small jobs separately.

In addition, a renovation company will do the work in the shortest time possible, speeding up execution times, without interruptions and in a more efficient way.

       –     Guarantees and/or claims

As there is a single contract with the renovation company in which deadlines, qualities, payment methods, etc. will be detailed, in the event of any type of problem appearing, you need to complain or want to demand some repair because the work is not completely the same. correct, it is clear who should take charge of the problem. When several professionals have been involved, each one normally goes their own way, so it will be more complicated to clarify possible responsibilities.

On the other hand, the vast majority of serious professionals have civil liability insurance to cover possible damage to your property or your neighbors. Be suspicious if this aspect is not stated in the contract.

        –     The final result… ready to enjoy

Normally a renovation company will be in charge of hiring a final cleaning of the home, so that you only have to worry about enjoying your home.

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