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Wallpaper in your kitchen, go ahead.

When renovating the kitchen, it is very important that there is good space planning and solutions that fit the needs that will help the client make the kitchen renovation profitable. We encourage you to take a look at this homify publication where they publish one of our kitchens. It is a small kitchen that we tried to get the most out of, using wallpaper as part of the decoration, which achieved the challenge of turning this space into a cozy room.

On the one hand, it was furnished on both fronts of the kitchen. When planning the kitchen, it was taken into account how few useful meters there were, so that the entire height of the room with cabinets was used, so that the storage area would be resolved. . The cooking area was thought to be as ergonomic as possible and thus the oven and microwave were installed in a column, thus avoiding forced postures.

On the other hand, choosing the color of the furniture as white was a success, since it achieved a greater sensation of spaciousness and of course luminosity since the white color catches every ray of sun that enters through the window and multiplies its effect and By leaving the window wall as the main wall, which it was decided to decorate with wallpaper with floral motifs, it was possible to give depth to the room.

When renovating a kitchen, it is recommended to draw an imaginary triangle between the three work areas (water, cooking and pantry), so that they communicate with each other, and if, as in this case, the kitchen is linear, the fires should be placed in half as it was done.

The choice of the black floor also gave continuity to the room, leading to the wallpapered wall and making both the furniture and the steel-colored appliances stand out more.

If you want to see more Priburgos projects on Homify, you just have to click on the PRIburgos logo that appears above the photo.

PRIburgos kitchens on Homify

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