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Today we are going to talk about vinyl and many times we are not aware of the broad concept that is the word DECORATION. Nowadays, decorating can be as easy or difficult as we want. Giving a change to our home (you already know that I have a house now I want a home) can be easy, due to the wide range of possibilities we have to freshen up our home.

By this I mean that you don't have to focus only on major renovations, on slashing the entire floor, painting the entire home or tearing down partitions. Sometimes what we want is to make a face wash that provides freshness and above all give a change to that

living room or bedroom that we are bored to see.

To do this, you can opt for something very simple and economical that, with a little good taste and know-how, can change a room, we are talking about vinyl. Decorative vinyls are a widely used resource in decoration and one that we at PRIBURGOS use regularly.

There is an increasing variety of designs and colors to choose from and give the spark we need to the idea that is brewing in our head. The vinyls can be of all types from the most elegant, to the children's, the colorful or the most sophisticated, the choice is yours.

Decorative vinyls are adhesives made of a very resistant plastic material and are manufactured with a plastic made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a material suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There are detractors of PVC who are more in favor of other types of materials for its manufacture, such as children's vinyl made of fabric.

Decorative vinyls are made up of three layers, each with a different function, a back sheet (support), another semi-transparent sheet to facilitate application (carrier) and the vinyl silhouette itself. This provides a very durable finish.


When it comes to decorating with vinyl we find a series of advantages:

  • They can be placed on any smooth surface, on walls, windows, doors, furniture.
  • Its installation is not difficult and we can do it ourselves following the instructions that normally come with the product.
  • They are reusable, if we keep the support where it is attached, it can be carefully removed and saved for another occasion.
  • They are durable, especially in indoor spaces, however it is advisable not to place them on heat sources or on rough surfaces.



At this point it is interesting to comment on the difference between vinyl and stickers.

Both are decorative elements and confusion is common, but a vinyl is not the same as a sticker. The difference is mainly technical and is that the vinyl is always a single color, and the background is the wall, while the sticker can have a huge range of colors in the same design, and the background is the sticker itself, not the wall.

When a decorative vinyl is made, what is done is take a roll of vinyl film of the chosen color, and place it on a plotter to cut out the pre-designed silhouette that the client has chosen. What you really do is silhouette the chosen figure.

However, in an adhesive sticker, a white or transparent vinyl film is used and all the colors are printed on it, then the figure is cut along its perimeter, taking into account leaving a minimum space of 3 mm.

 And although decorative vinyl offers a lot of play and adapts to any room, it is essential to take into account a series of guidelines when choosing them..

What do you have to take into account when choosing a vinyl?

What room is it: bedroom, dining room, kitchen..., This way we can place them on empty walls or combine them with other elements that play to create a composition, such as if the room we are trying to decorate is a bedroom, we would take into account whether it has shelves or not, or even the textile clothing of the room. bed.

Children's rooms are perfect to decorate with decorative vinyl, since you can give free rein to creativity and encourage the imagination of the little ones in the house. One option is for the children themselves to be part of the choice of vinyl in their room.

Decoration style: classic, modern, minimalist, rustic, etc.. It is important to take into account the style of the room when choosing the vinyl since it may happen that we choose a modern design for a wall and it turns out that all the furniture and accessories are classic, or Vice versa, if the vinyl is classic and the furniture is minimalist, the result will not be the best.

The next step would be to know the space you have.. To do this, you must take the measurements of the wall where the vinyl is going to be placed. If it is about placing a photomural, it is recommended that the size of the vinyl covers the entire space, if not, you must measure the area you want to cover. Then the combinations can be infinite, you can choose to cover a single wall to highlight it; or put it in an entire room and thus create a special space.

The age, personality and personal situation of each person, is another characteristic to take into account since it is not going to be the same to decorate a room of a man who lives alone in his home, as that of a couple with three children.

It is therefore clear that the versatility of vinyl is as wide as our imagination allows.

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