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Terraces are for the summer!!!

The terraces of our dreams.

The other day I was talking to a friend about what good weather means, how our lives change, the streets fill with life, people walking, playing sports, using the summer terraces. Life moves to the streets, to the parks, to the gardens and that is when we remember our soulless balconies, terraces or porches. Above on television, the IKEA advertisement appears, making a dent in our hearts, where we see ourselves punished for not having taken care of our terraces.

Let's face it, terraces are very often the largest abandoned areas of the house, we use them as warehouses, storage rooms... and that is where it seems like an impossible mission to get a designer terrace out of it, the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Well, let's get to work; Where do we start, because the first thing is to be aware, very aware of the space we have, we cannot expect to furnish a balcony as if it were a roof terrace on a top floor. Since if we have a large space we can create different environments but if, on the contrary, we have little space, we will have to think about more efficient space management.

This is possibly the most difficult; We must value the views, the use we want to give to our space. If we need a play area for children, if we need a barbecue for lunch or dinner with friends and family. The sun and shade areas are very important since it will depend on whether we are going to need umbrellas, gazebos or even a porch.

Once we have analyzed the space and the use that we are going to give it, we begin to assess the need to carry out small works, enclosures, expand or reduce levels, change floors... In any case, we must select the necessary materials according to the needs of our design. , to our liking and without forgetting the budget.




We already have practically the most difficult part of our adventure, we are going to move on to the most aesthetic part of the terrace of our dreams, the elements of the furniture and decoration. We must study the need for a pergola; Would we like a waterfall or a small fountain in a nod to Feng Shui? We are provided with a folding table and two stackable chairs or we can afford a complete set of sofas, armchairs and a table in the best Chill Out style. And the barbecue is portable or better one built of stone. Now, what would be great for us is a little piece of furniture to be able to store what we are not going to need in winter. And to top it all off, a swimming pool "because not."

We cannot forget the lighting, so important in summer, since we try to spend as much time as possible taking advantage of those hot nights. There is a great variety; spotlights, streetlights, lamps. Light can be used to highlight a plant, a sculpture or a fountain. And let's not forget the romantic candles, always perfect creating a special atmosphere, by the way if they are anti-mosquitoes even better.



Well, we are now reaching the end, we are missing the icing on the cake, which in this case is provided by the plants and flowers that will give a fresh and colorful touch to our terrace, to value the orientation; sunny, shady, do you like the green color of the plants more or do you prefer the color of the flowers.

Well, that's it, we now have the terrace of our dreams to enjoy!!!!

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